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Name: Matthew Pennell

Tract Number: B006

Official Name: Democratic Republic of Komar

Common Name: Komar

Adjective: Komaren

Races: Civilized Humans

Government: Democracy

Culture Alignment: M2 A3

Government Alignment: A4 D4

Culture: The Lives of Komarens have changed drastically since the time the government has changed. The government no longer controls all the aspects of society. The people are free to make their own choices and decisions. Most Komarens are happy with the change. There can be no set culture because each geographical region varies in practices. The normal greeting is to take hold of the other persons shoulders firmly and then say who you are. (This is done even if you already know that person.) The clothing is similar to the style of clothing in Viking societies.

Pre-Scourge History: Before the scourge Komar was made up of weak city states that frequently traded with one another. Then a great leader emerged from the City state Ectill. This Man, whose name was Greotas, built an army and began to unite the city states. These united city states became known as the Ectillian Empire. the empire collapsed about 2 years before the Scourge when a rebel group took over.

Post-Scourge History: After the scourge, only a small faction of Rebels had survived. A man who lived in the Ruins of Ectill wished to throw out the Rebels and return his country to the state it had been in before the scourge. He began to rebuild Ectill and made it the center of government. His army grew and he began to retake all of the former land that the empire had controlled. About 4 post-scourge, the rebels had been pushed to an isolated forest and small town, called Kenno, Along the coast. The only other power in the area was the Trentian Empire. It took 10 years to completely take over the capital city of Trent. The Ectillian Republic of Komar was created two years later. The At the time the leader was known as Brachnos. While at a funeral for Brachnos' mother, almost the entire government was destroyed in a rebel attack. After this happened, the rebels were destroyed and a new government was set up. The new government moved closer to democracy only in that the leader was elected for life. This leader was Natar Lithka, who was the first female elf to be in control of any part of Komar for over 1,200 years. During the time of this government change, a war broke out with the Circle of The Form led by Gahl. Komar joined this war on the side against the circle. Before the war ended, trouble began at home. The Trentians revolted and nearly destroyed Komar. After Komar regained control, the government again changed into a full democracy with an elected Consul and Congress.

Foreign Policies: The government of Komar is much more open on releasing domestic information. Komar is a very for peace advocate in Fandikal. It does not however write to all tracts as often as it used to.

Domestic Policies: The Domestic policies have also changed quite frequently. The new domestic policy is basically to leave each other alone. The government tries to keep people happy by little involvement. There is an old secret police force called the Greotans that is no longer supported by the government that tries to keep domestic peace as well.