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Pre-Scourge History
Before the scourge Komar was made up of weak city states that
frequently traded with one another.  Then a great leader emerged from the City state Ectill.
This Man, whose name was Greotas, built an army and began to unite the city states.
These united city states became known as the Ectillian Empire.  the empire collapsed about 2
years before the scourge when a rebel group took over.

After the scourge, only a small faction of Rebels had survived.
A man who lived in the Ruins of Ectill wished to throw out the
Rebels and return his country to the state it had been in before
the scourge.  He began to rebuild Ectill and made it the center
of government.  His army grew and he began to retake all of the former
land that the empire had controlled.  About 4 post-scourgeThe rebels
had been pushed to an isolated forest and small town, called Kenno,
Along the coast.  The Ectillian Republic of Komar was created two years
later.  The current leader of Komar is Brachnos.